Why You Need Cheap Cat Towers

Cheap Cat Towers

Cats have a natural yearning to go climbing. Therefore, you should provide it with some cheap cat towers. Since your cat mostly spends its time indoors, it lacks things to climb such as trees, fences, walls or posts. Sometimes a cat needs to get a bird’s eye view for it to feel complete. If you do not provide the towers for your cat to climb, it will find some of its own in the house. It could lead to some disastrous consequences if the cat climbs some of your pieces of furniture and other items. These include your bookshelf, curtains, TV, Christmas tree, cupboard, etc.

You can avoid the expense of repairing damaged furniture by providing your cat with cheap cat towers. If your cat climbs the towers several times a day, it will be exhausted and its urge to climb will be quenched. Consequently, your precious furniture will be spared for that day. Cats prefer climbing towers to climbing household furniture because towers are specially designed to be climbed. They have better parts to grip and they are stable. They are also visually exciting to cats because of their high perch.

The towers are usually made of high quality materials. They can easily survive repetitive climbing and clawing. The space high up the perch is enough for your cat to sleep or sit on as it watches everything going on below.

You can keep the cheap cat towers in a room that is not used much. Some towers have been customized to enable assembling and disassembling easy. The components can be effortlessly carried into a room and set up. This is convenient because cat towers can be large and tall, making them difficult to carrying through a door. They need to be big to allow your cat the chance to climb and exercise without tipping over.

Some towers have dangling toys that challenge the cat to get them. The idea is to keep your cat active and healthy. A cat that leads a sedentary lifestyle without playing becomes fat quickly and dies young. Obviously, you would want to spend as many years with your cat as possible.

Cheap cat towers enable your cat to develop its natural instincts for pouncing and hunting. When it is high in its perch, the cat can see many things below. If it sees anything suspicious moving, it can easily pounce and catch it. Some of the suspicious-looking objects can be just ragdolls or pieces of string, of course.

Some cat towers are designed for multiple cats. If you host more than one cat, you will find them playing together or just sitting there. These moments are precious to the cat species. If they want to sit on a high place together, they would most probably climb and perch on top of a cat tower.

Finally, you should find cheap cat towers because they are a great way to offer your cat a playing ground without taking up too much space. They can climb, chase and jump down within a small space or room.

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